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Westridge Realty Partners


Vision Statement for WRP

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to create and grow wealth.  Our vision for Westridge Realty Partners and its investors is to use the most seasoned and best team to help acquire, manage, and create additional value with real estate investments. 


Navigating today’s commercial real estate markets is complicated and takes extraordinary due diligence to minimize risk while optimizing value.  We do that by scrutinizing the critical metrics and essential trends that help make the investments chosen positioned for success.  That requires sifting through many investment properties before we find the ones that warrant our attention to see if it’s worth exploring further.


By uncovering the investment opportunities that allow investors to securely grow their wealth and cash flow, they can sleep soundly, knowing that their money is working hard to produce a secure retirement and the financial freedom for themselves and their loved ones.


Brian has been in the commercial real estate industry for over 36 years.  He has a broad range of experience from, commercial brokerage, acquisition/disposition executive for a major investor and his investment firm.

Roy Belson
Principal/Due Diligence & Construction Director

Roy Belson is a veteran in the construction and development world. His commercial real estate background and acquisition/disposition experience places him in a unique position to have the perspective of innovation and repurposing of buildings for future uses.  His insights are a valuable asset to our team as we strive to see into the future as to what other uses the properties we acquire can be utilized for.

Robert A. Bianchi
Chief Financial Officer

Robert A. Bianchi is a Certified Public Accountant with over 25 years of experience. Mr. Bianchi holds numerous degrees, inclusive of being Magna Cum Laude, at B.S. Business Administration/Accounting at CSU Dominguez Hills, as well as Golden Gate University and USC in Advanced Taxation Curriculum In International Tax Studies and Research, Civil Engineering | Construction Project Management degree at Fairleigh Dickenson University, the University of Miami, the University of New Mexico and Pierce College.

Jorge Yamzon
Principal/Director of Acquisitions

Jorge’s expertise covers various disciplines of commercial real estate, including industrial, office, multi- family, retail, and development.  His 20+ years of commercial real estate includes over 8 years as an institutional commercial lender, Viking Commercial Properties Services, giving him a keen eye for all the attributes lenders want to see in a commercial property they’re lending on. 

Jock Ebner
Senior Asset Manager

Jock Ebner is a Principal and President of Morlin Asset Management, LP. He has his Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation from the Building Owner’s and Manager’s Association (BOMA) and was the Chairman of the Board of BOMA Greater Los Angeles in 2018. He directs the daily operation of the company to include property and facility management, leasing, and construction management for a portfolio of commercial assets in excess of 4 million square feet. 

Marika Erdely
CEO of Green EconoME

Marika is a member of our team.  It is considered essential data in our due diligence of investment properties to know how and where we can optimize savings and increase efficiencies with energy usage. Marika is the founder and CEO of Green EconoME, a full-service Energy Consulting and Construction Company located in Santa Monica, CA.